The beginning of a new era of statutory compliance

Legal Information Services SA ( Pty) Ltd (LIS)

The 2008 Companies Act promised the beginning of a new era of statutory compliance and Directors’ responsibility of ensuring adherence to good corporate governance practices and this is indeed the case. The King III Code and now the King IV Code stands in conjunction with the Companies Act and clearly cautions Directors on awareness of laws, rules and standards applicable to them.

Legal expertise

About LIS

Directors of Public and certain other Companies must appoint a Company Secretary who, in their opinion, has the requisite knowledge and experience to provide guidance in fulfilling their duties. LIS works in association with the TLi Companies, which employs lawyers with the necessary legal expertise to advise and assist corporate clients on all applicable laws, rules and standards to ensure efficient management and compliance with Company Law and Corporate Governance principles.

Providing tailor made services

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Apart from the infrastructure and the cost and time saving benefits of outsourcing this responsibility to a capable legal firm, using LIS has the additional benefit of enabling the Directors of a Company to direct their attention to the running of their business. LIS is a niche legal service provider that prides itself on mastering the art of providing tailor made commercial and company secretarial services to clients with a view to forming an essential part of clients’ businesses.