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TLi offers Imaging and Scanning services that will organise and streamline your information

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  • The key to being able to share and re-use information starts with the ability to quickly and easily access your documentation
  • Access huge volumes of paper in electronic formats
  • Easily share information across all forms of electronic delivery media
  • Optical Character Recognition (ORC) of documents enables you to search for documents even if incorrectly indexed.
  • Data can be stored “in-house or offsite” and searches can be carried out through your intranet or remotely via the internet
  • Converting documents from un editable to editable formats ie. PDF to MS Word
  • Increased productivity through ease of access to information

TLi offers a complete Solution for clients that encompasses the streamlining and automation of  document-intensive processes such as Statutory Document management.

For business records that only exist in hard copy formats, TLi provides Scanning, Imaging, Data Conversion, with full Content Search ability.

Documents are available in digital format with easy access, view, search and send interface software solutions.

Enterprise Content Management

The ECM removes the headaches involved in managing mountains of paper by turning them into useful information that integrates seamlessly into company processes. TLi offers a complete Solution for their customer that encompasses the streamlining and automation of document-intensive processes such as Statutory Document management. Economic and regulatory pressures are among the factors that are driving the growth of the outsourced document management market in South Africa. In addition, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits that outsourcing the digitisation and management of their documents offers. Storing, managing and retrieving paper-based documents can be a major headache for most large organizations. Automating paper-intensive processes will result in cost and time savings.


Infrastructure such as scanners, software and enterprise content management can be expensive to buy and implement. Given the infrastructure and staffing costs involved in ECM projects, many companies prefer to work with external service providers such as LIS who have the staff and systems in place to handle scanning, archiving and other document processes.

ECM Benefits

Other benefits are that companies don’t need to employ an entire department to handle document capture and digitisation, and that they can turn ECM infrastructure into an operational cost rather than needing to invest capital in their own infrastructure. ECM results in Minimized risk, Improved productivity and efficiency, Consolidation of investments and lower cost of ownership, Scalable with the enterprise, Establish best practices.


Document management can be complex – it starts with a process of assessing which documents need to be kept and for how long and which paper documents can be destroyed following digitisation and which need to be retained to meet statutory requirements. TLi performs the process of preparing documents for digitisation and putting systems in place to index, track, retrieve and manage electronic files and paper-based originals.