A small introduction

About TLi Group

TLi is a group of energectic, innovative and dynamic lawyers which have been steadily growing since 1979. By implementing the most innovative and dynamic business concepts, we have created an effective and efficient legal team to address the specific needs of our clients.

Assistance in specialist areas

Professional Advice

As an appointed CIPRO agent, TLi Group specialises in the formation and registration of private and public companies, close corporations, associations not for gain and the sale of shelf entities to facilitate this process.  We furthermore assist clients to discharge their fiduciary duties as directors by ensuring their compliance with the statutory requirements for corporates. In conjunction with LIS, TLi Group is furthermore in a position to provide clients with professional advice and assistance in specialist areas such as commercial agreements and corporate structuring.

Techniques that get the job done

Estate Planning

Estate planning forms the foundation for all or any commercial structuring and accordingly this department is well equipped with various tax planning structures and techniques to get the job done. As a result of the fact that our company does commercial legal work for medium and large businesses, we advise many clients on matters such as acquisitions and mergers, estate planning, liquidations and restructuring where our innovative application of Company, Tax, Insolvency and Property Law gives clients an edge.

Quality legal services

The TLi Group

The TLi logo is a registered trademark and was initially developed for the original company of Theunis Liebenberg Incorporated, which has over the years become an established brand for quality legal services and products. The TLi group consists of various legal service providers, including but not limited to:  Mashabane Liebenberg Sebola Inc, TLi Financial Rescue and Protect (Pty) Ltd, Legal Information Services (Pty) Ltd and Exclusive Trust Services (Pty) Ltd, as well as various individuals that work together from time to time in order to provide the required services.

A wealth of experience

TLi Group – Company, Tax, Property & Labour Lawyers

The culture bred in TLi, since its inception in 1995, is one of hard work and passionate dedication in the pursuit of providing our clients with sound, innovative and tailor made legal products and services. It is this culture, combined with our outstanding legal practitioners and a wealth of experience which has led to TLi’s remarkable success as a client orientated legal service provider amongst the cream of the crop in the legal industry. TLi Inc serves as a well-rounded legal, corporate and secretarial partner to a broad range of clients.

Rich history of service excellence

MLS Incorporated

The company that has now traded for almost 40 years has a rich history of service excellence, trading in Johannesburg until it became one of the leading law firms in Randburg under the guidance and direction of its founder, Matthys Pretorius Van As Sutherland, who was also Mayor of Randburg in the “old days.” Theunis Liebenberg acquired the total issued shareholding on 18 March 2009 and the company then became part of the TLi. Unfortunately as a result of Basil Mashabane’s high profile as Legal Counsel at the Regulation Panel for Mergers and Takeovers, he could not continue to participate as a practicing attorney and only contributes and participates in matters as a consultant from time to time in situations where there is absolutely no conflict of interest with his full time position.

Director and major shareholder

Masilo Phillip Sebola

Resulting from the aforementioned, the company is privileged that Masilo Phillip Sebola joined the company as a director and major shareholder. Mr. Sebola has an outstanding record as an attorney for more than 24 years and also spending 15 years as a lecturer at law at the University of Venda, an exceptional contrinution of appearing in matters in the Magistrate’s Court, High Court and Labour Court and other legal forums such as the Labour Law Court, etc. Phillip’s value-add to the firm has been instrumental in its new drive to grow and establish itself as one of the top firms in Johannesburg.